Start of Season

"Plant By" Rules

  • Gardeners will have something planted in the garden by September 15 and keep it planted and / or weeded all year long. Gardeners will call 850-865-7590 if you decide not to plant your assigned plot.
  • Gardeners are responsible for your assigned plots for the entire season. Keep it free of weeds and harvested as needed.
  • Plots that are unplanted by the planting deadline are assumed abandoned and will be forfeited without a refund. Plots not planted will be reassigned.
  • Individual plots must be cleaned and started no later than September 15, or they will be given to another person and the plot fee returned to the original applicant.

Plot Maintenance Expectations

  • Gardeners must maintain plots (including adjacent aisles) throughout the growing season. Gardeners who do not maintain their plots will not be eligible for a plot in the following year.
  • Each gardener is expected to maintain his / her garden on a regular basis of at least 3 times a week; including: 
    • Harvesting
    • Keep weeds down
    • Maintain the areas immediately surrounding the plot
    • Planting
    • Watering
    • Weeding
  • If, for any reason (health, vacation, work pressure), the Gardener will be temporarily unable to maintain his / her plot, inform the garden coordinator. If you have a substitute gardener, inform the garden coordinator.
  • Please contact your section manager or the garden coordinator if you will be moving, taking an extended vacation, or otherwise will be unable to maintain your plot throughout the year. Abandoned plots are reassigned.
  • If a plot is abandoned for more than 2 weeks, without having given prior notice (i.e. of vacation, sickness, etc.) to the garden coordinator, the plot will be re-assigned to someone else.

Unclaimed or Neglected Plots

  • Gardens in an uncared-for condition by November 1 will be cleared. They will be given to existing gardeners for spring planting only. They will be open for new gardeners in the following year.
  • If a plot becomes unkempt; the Gardener will be given 2 weeks notice by phone or email to clean it up. At that time, it will be re-assigned or tilled in and any produce will be donated to charity. Deposit is forfeited to pay for cleanup.

Gardener Meetings

  • All gardeners are required to attend the Annual Fall Meeting, September 2, 2013, 1:30 p.m., at the Mary Esther Library and to participate in the maintenance of their garden section. Failure to attend that meeting (or to send a representative) may result in forfeiture of your plot and the return of your fee. Applicants will be notified of their plot number and receive a copy of the Season Schedule at the Annual meeting).
  • Garden meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Community Service / Volunteering

  • Gardeners understand that this is a community garden and in order for it to succeed gardener support is needed to:
    • Deal with wildlife
    • Help keep site picked up from debris
    • Keep on top of equipment
    • Maintain the site
    • Make signs
    • Manage compost
    • Obtain our donated transplants
    • Plan celebrations
    • Plan and execute produce giveaways
  • Gardeners are encouraged to work together as a group on communal aspects of the garden for four hours at the beginning of the planting year.
  • Feel free to give notes on the bulletin board in the shed for any useful hints and ideas
  • All gardeners will participate in garden activities and events like: 
    • Clean-up days
    • Filling water barrels
    • Preparation for [event]
    • Special fundraising events
  • Work days may be called and each gardener is responsible to have themselves or a representative there to do work on that day.