Garden Site - In General

  • Gardeners will not make any permanent changes to the garden, such as adding an underground watering system or drastically changing the fence, without permission from the Mary Esther City Manager.
  • Gardeners agree to get approval from Garden Coordinator to plant trees, shrubs or bushes (non-herbaceous plant material that does not die to the ground every winter).
  • Electric fences are not permitted in the garden.
  • No digging for worms anywhere in the garden.
  • Both the access and perimeter paths must be free of garden materials and debris so as not to create a hazard or to impede their maintenance.
  • Glass containers are prohibited from the gardens. In addition, containers, bags, etc of any kind should be secured so as not to blow around and / or detract from the orderliness of the gardens. Such items are best removed when they are no longer needed.