Community Planning

Community Vision Plan

On September 6, 2021, the City Council approved an agreement with Barge Design Solutions to facilitate the development of a Community Vision Plan. This project will develop a twenty-five (25) year plan addressing our commercial corridor, parks, transportation, public facilities, water and sewer. Findings will be incorporated into the City's first strategic plan. The project is being funded with general fund revenues.

Status: Background data collection and stakeholder group interviews were completed December 2021. The wastewater technical report was reviewed with the City Council on Monday, February 7. A community survey was developed and posted on Friday, February 11. Two (2) public workshops are planned for this Spring.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

On Monday, December 6, the City Council approved a task order with Disasters, Strategies and Ideas Group (DSI) to develop a Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan (CEMP); Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); and training to exercise and validate the CEMP and SOPs. The project is being funded with general fund revenues.

Status: The project kick-off meeting was held with DSI on Wednesday, January 26. The plan is on track to be completed April 2022, with exercises scheduled for May 2022.