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Posted on: August 9, 2022

Bear Resistant Carts

Bear and garbage bag

Waste Management offers carts designed to resist bears and other wildlife, but none are "bear-proof." As we all know, there is no true bear proof curbside garbage collection cart on the market. All carts, even IGBC certified ones, are only bear-resistant so practicing bear safety tips is key.

Bear Safety Tips (Waste Management)
 We always recommend that residents put carts out on the morning of service by 7:00 am, not the night before, and store it inside so that animals cannot get to it. Removing temptation is still the best way to keep bears and other critters away from your home, family and neighbors.

Having a bear resistant container is not on its own an effective way to prevent bears and other wildlife from getting into your cart. They are, after all, coming after the food scraps and food-soiled paper you throw away. Below are some bear smart tips that the state recommends you follow, whether you have standard carts or wildlife-resistant carts.

  • Set out your carts on the day of pick up by 7:00 am, do not set them out the night before.
  • Store your carts in a sturdy shed or your garage until your collection day. Store empty carts inside as well.
  • Keep fresh meat, fish, and other smelly scraps out of your trash or compost cart until your collection day. Wrap them up and store them in the refrigerator or freezer until you put your carts out for collection.
  • Double bag materials to keep down odors.
  • Control your cart's odor by spraying it with disinfectant when necessary.

Anyone interested should contact Waste Management at 850-301-2822 and ask for Chris or Jennifer. 

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